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Big Zeal Mediação Imobiliária, Lda
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Get to know ZEAL, a Real Estate Investment Management and Consulting project that has brought to the market a whole new concept and approach, fully adjusted to the needs of the current Investments market.


Focused on the international market, ZEAL proposes new approaches that allow the viability of large business opportunities, being the link between investors and investments around the world.


From simple real estate transactions to the formation of investment fund management companies in a wide range of areas, with a focus on Real Estate Residential, Tourism, Services and Corporate, ZEAL's exclusive network of contacts, exclusivity of projects and rigor and professionalism.


We place at the service of each investor the most up-to-date market analysis, legal and tax framework for foreign investors and respective capital gains and above all a rigorous financial analysis that makes of each project that we propose a serious investment with profitability.



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